3 Easy to Use Web Business Tools

by diyweb on December 11, 2011

There are many tools and apps available to help you run your business more efficiently. The ones that are web based are some of the most helpful because they allow you to operate  your business from wherever life finds you. Here are three of the best web business tools we have found. Each one covers a different aspect of running your business, including invoicing, collaboration, and file sharing.

Freshbooks – This is an online invoicing system that allows you to track the time spent with multiple clients. One of our favorite features is the stop watch that lets you offer the most accurate billing possible to your clients. Beyond that, you can send your invoices via email, snail mail, or if your clients have a Freshbooks account, they can access them directly. And Freshbooks lets you easily facilitate payments through external sites such as Paypal or Authorize.net

Google Docs – File sharing has never been easier. You can upload any kind of document and share it with an infinite number of people. You can even use it to collaborate on changes that are necessary. Google Docs can handle PDFs, Microsoft, Open Office, and even Mac files. If you need to create something quickly, this web business tool can help with that as well. Just click the ‘Create’ button and choose from ‘Document,’ ‘Presentation.’ ‘Spreadsheet,’ ‘Form,’ ‘Drawing,’ or ‘Table.’ Lots of small businesses and blogs take advantage of the ‘Form’ document because it allows you to easily collect information from visitors or potential customers.

PDFOnline – Every business owner knows the travesty of spending hours crafting a carefully laid out document only to discover that the person on the other end of the email you just sent sees a wreck. Websites like PDFOnline come in handy because they allow you to convert the document into a PDF format so that all of your intentional indents and embedded graphics stay exactly where you put them. You can convert MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Publisher, Text, or certain images to PDF just by uploading them to the website. Average response times are less than 2 minutes and make life so much easier for business owners.

Of course, there are many more web business tools we could highlight. Let us know which areas of your business you would like to manage more efficiently and we will try to find the apps and tools that meet your needs.

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