Can I Use Microsoft Word to Build a Website?

by Ed on November 14, 2012

can ms word make websiteCan you use MS Word to build a small business website? Yes, but it will be limited—extremely limited. For those new to website design, Word may feel like a comfortable tool to use since most computer users have it and Word actually does provide website templates. There are frames you can use and hyperlinks you can insert.

However, is Word the ideal website building tool today?

Word has a lot of value as a content creation tool for blogs. In fact, the best blog editors essentially provide the same features you’ll find in Word. You may as well just write up your blog posts in Word and then paste them into your website’s WYSIWYG editor. However, if you’re creating a website from scratch, you’ll need something a little more powerful than Word.

In order to create a functional website that loads quickly, looks professional, and has all of the features website visitors have come to expect, Word just doesn’t cut it anymore. A dedicated website building program or Content Management System (CMS) is critically important. In addition, if you use a popular CMS or a CMS supported by a professional website design company, you’ll have more features and support for when something goes wrong on your small business website.

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