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by Ed on February 8, 2012

Kompozer: Kompozer is a website creation and editing program that provides WYSIWYG website editing so that you can create an HTML web page without needing to know code. You can use Kompozer to manage your files and to author website content. Best of all, Kompozer is completely free, providing an alternative to programs such as Dreamweaver.


Why Use Kompozer to Edit Websites?

Whether you’re creating a website from scratch of you’re using a template from a website service, Kompozer is the ideal tool for editing web page content offline before uploading or pasting it into your website. If you’re making a lot of edits to your website, the best place to make them is offline in a program where you can regularly save your work rather than using an online editor where one false click could result in the loss of your work. In addition, Kompozer offers features that are typically not found in online website editing interfaces.

Kompozer is also handy for creating simple e-mail newsletters that you can send to website visitors who sign up to receive them. Kompozer provides simple ways to format e-newsletters that match your website’s design.

Features that Kompozer Offers to Editing Websites

The feature list at the Kompozer website includes the following:

  • FTP site manager
  • A new color picker
  • Tabs!
  • CSS editor
  • A dash of style(s)
  • Customizable toolbars
  • Forms
  • Cleaner markup
  • XFN
  • Visible marks
  • Table/Cell resizing rulers
  • Automated Spellchecker

All of these formatting options make it really easy to create a high-quality, customized website with all of the features you need.

The Best Features Offered by Kompozer for Editing Websites

One of the best time-saving features in Kompozer is its image editing capacity. You can resize images and then add descriptions and captions that include additional keywords for your website. It’s no trouble to add, format, and optimize images in order to both make your site easier to find through search engines and to improve its appearance.

Besides offering a simple WYSIWYG editor, Kompozer also has an HTML editing screen option where you can double check on your code and formatting. If you ever run into trouble while working on your website, this is a great place to trouble shoot.

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