Creating a Website That Sells

by diyweb on September 7, 2012

Website usability is one of the most important aspects to consider when you begin constructing your pages. You want it to sell and to do this, you’ll need to place a lot of attention on detail.

Building a site that looks great and one that will make customers want to buy your products can be completely different. While it is possible to have both, they are not always synonymous. The key is choosing the right tools. Obtaining information and making purchases should be easy, so it is a matter of selecting those that will accomplish this and ensure your site is appealing to the eye.

What it all comes down to is this. How usable is your website? Is it easy for customers to navigate around the various pages and is making a purchase hassle-free? Whether you’re just building your site or looking to improve it, there are steps you can take to make it usable, thus vastly increasing your chances of online success.

Make sure your site is easy to navigate. This means only giving your customers the choices they can use. Too much content or too many options can be confusing. Fewer options will also save them time, which is another aspect to take into consideration.

Be concise and to the point. Your content should inform your customers without getting too wordy. Remember, if users are forced to read long explanations, they will probably go somewhere else to make their purchases. Instead, keep it to a need-to-know minimum. Create separate pages for additional information that may interest them and link to those pages along the way.

Use compelling graphics. Don’t use the same photos seen on every site similar in nature to yours. Instead, use real-life photos depicting your actual business. For example, you might include pictures taken at a recent event held at your place of business. Make sure all photos and graphics are tailored to your company. That way they will look more authentic and interesting to your customers.

Clearly define your products. Whether you sell physical goods or services, make sure your descriptions are detailed and accurate. Again, be concise, but give your customers enough information to clearly describe what they will receive. Include pictures with your descriptions for an added dimension. People won’t often buy what they can’t see first. A few different angled shots of the products should work nicely.

Lastly, make sure the checkout process is speedy. Most people don’t like standing in long lines at the grocery store and they won’t relish a long Internet checkout process either. Leave out last-minute choices and omit pop-up ads. Instead, make the process smooth and simple. You will be more likely to gain returning customers this way.

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