DIY Website Maintenance Tips

by diyweb on December 18, 2012

One very important aspect of do it yourself website design is maintenance. This is crucial to ensuring everything continues to run smoothly and that your content remains updated on a regular basis. A well maintained site will garner more visits and net more returns. Below are some useful maintenance tips that will help you along the way.

Stay within your budget. Once you begin putting your site together you will have a budget in mind. Set aside a certain amount each month for any maintenance costs you incur and stay within that allotment. There are plenty of ways to maintain a site at a low cost. Use free or low-cost software and tools.

Think content. Your content should constantly evolve. If visitors go to your site and always see the same information, they may get the idea you have nothing new to post and will probably go somewhere else. As news surrounding your products or services is available, add it. Frequently posting specials or promotions also counts for updated content.

Change your graphics. While you will need to leave your logo as is, you’ll want to make changes to the graphics or pictures on your site. For example, new products call for new photos. This is another important part of updating your website.

Be creative. You have complete control of your website. This gives you an opportunity to try new looks and themes in order to find out what works best. Your customers will respond to each new change which will provide useful feedback. Your site will have the look and feel you choose.

Make navigation easy. You’ve heard this said many times before, but it is definitely worth repeating. A site that can be navigated easily will net you returning customers. On the downside, if visitors have trouble getting around any of your pages, they’ll move on to the next similar business. You want them to stay, so make searching for and purchasing products or services straight forward and they’ll keep coming back.

Search for your pages frequently on search engines. This will show you where yours show up in the rankings. It also lets you know what improvements need to be made where optimizing content is concerned.

Keep up with web browser versions. Each time Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer are updated, certain aspects of web pages and how they are displayed are changed. For example, an update may mean the availability of more toolbars for an easier and more effective browsing experience. You’ll want to make sure all your pages are compatible with new browser versions. This will make the entire experience faster for your customers. They’ll appreciate it when purchasing your products or services.

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