Edit Videos for Your Website on the Go with PhotoBucket

by Ed on November 9, 2012

video editing websitePhotoBucket: While it’s easy to find plenty of fantastic photo editing tools such as Pixlr, you may not know that there are some excellent options for online video editing when you need to put together a video on the move without opening a bulky editing program on your computer. You can simply open up a program like PhotoBucket right in your browser and start editing or remixing your videos or creating slideshows that you can upload to your small business website or small business blog.

One of the advantages of PhotoBucket is that your videos and images are always easy to access. If you’re traveling with only an iPad and you need a video that’s stored on your hard drive at home, PhotoBucket makes it possible to both access and edit your video so that you can upload it to your site without any delays. Whether you need easy access, a convenient editor, or a backup for your videos, PhotoBucket is a simple and useful solution.

In addition, if you want to share your videos on your social networks, PhotoBucket can save you a few steps by implementing social sharing right from its interface.

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