Evaluating Your SEO Efforts: An SEO Tune-Up

by diyweb on May 7, 2012

While I haven’t always been the biggest advocate for massive SEO (search engine optimization) efforts, I do know that it is a necessary part of building, maintaining, and growing a website. But, as I discussed in White Hats, Black Hats, & SEO, website builders need to do it wisely. Otherwise, all of the hard work (and good SEO is hard work) will be lost as you lose page rank and your spot on the search engine results page (SERP).

Seattle SEO
Infographic by Sparkplug Digital

Part of being wise about which SEO strategies you pursue is understanding how well your current ones are working for you. An interesting SEO infographic came across my desk recently that provides excellent guidelines about how to be a website builder that gets the job done. Even though the creator suggests this as part of preparing for a new calendar year, I think anytime is a good time to make sure that you are getting the most out of your SEO strategies.

This particular infographic takes you through an SEO evaluation using routine car maintenance as the framework. It is a clever way to help make this sort of research more attainable and ascribe the various steps their relative importance. The creator also offers a printable version that can be shared at marketing meetings, SEO strategy meetings, and then tacked up at the desk of your resident SEO expert to help them keep your SEO efforts finely tuned.

One thing that all website builders, novice and experts alike, are sure to appreciate is that each of the maintenance steps has three suggestions. The first suggestion is fairly simple and does not require extensive knowledge of how SEO works. Most people who can build a website can follow step one in each category.

However, if you have more advanced SEO skills, or have someone on your staff who takes SEO on as a major responsibility (demonstrated by the amount of time you allocate for them to work on it), conquering all three steps in each category is completely doable. You aren’t going to want to try to tackle them all at one time, at least not according to step two of ‘Adjust Your Timing Belt.’ Instead, pick a few that you think will have the most impact on increasing the reach of your website.

SEO is not an all or nothing endeavor, as I believe this infographic tries to communicate. As a website builder, you can’t ignore it, but you can’t let it consume your online efforts either.

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