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by Ed on November 12, 2012

blog better business websiteSometimes it’s easy to get stuck doing the same thing on your blog over and over again. And while you may find success as a blogger, perhaps you could reach a new group of readers by varying the presentation or style of your content. Here are three different blogging styles you could try out—perhaps try a different one each month until you find one that works on a more regular basis.

Write a Succinct Blog Post

A short blog post is in the 200-300 word ballpark. You’re really communicating one idea and one idea only. Don’t explore rabbit trails or try to say too much. Perhaps you can share a bit of inspiration or a game-changing idea that someone can quickly read, digest, and , hopefully, share widely through social media.

Write an in-Depth Blog Post

If a typical blog post hits the 500-800 word count range, a longer post is around 1200+ words. In a longer post like this you’ll have room to link to research, develop examples, and present several key ideas. While you may not be able to sustain this kind of blogging pace, you may be able to write an in-depth post each month, digging a little deeper into a topic.

This is also a great opportunity to expand your own expertise in your area of interest by researching an important topic a little more thoroughly and possibly even linking to some authoritative blogs in your niche.

Create a List of Blog Posts

One of the tried and true blogging practices is creating a list of the top blog posts in your niche each week. If you can generate some conversation and backlinks from the top blogs in your field, you’ll be able to make some key connections that could prove valuable in the future.

While creating a list may take time, you could think of it this way: you’ll have to take some time to write a blog post anyway. Why not read the best blogs in your field and use them to create your list?

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