How to Add a Landing Page to Your Blog

by Ed on April 17, 2012

Custom Pages Template: This WordPress plugin allows small business bloggers to create a related but distinct landing page on their blogs that focuses on a specific call to action for visitors. The downside about using this particular plugin is that you’ll need to code and develop the landing page on your own. There are premium plugins that will develop a landing page based on your existing site, but this plugin simply makes it possible to code your own page.

Why Use This Plugin

This plugin is really helpful when you want to focus your visitors’ attention on performing a single action. Blogs have a tendency to become cluttered along the sidebars with links and images that may distract readers. If your one goal is to generate new leads or to sell products, then create landing pages that specialize in that one thing so that visitors feel that opting into a mailing list or making a sale is the most natural next step.

A Simpler Landing Page Option: Premise

You may have visited the Copyblogger website in search of ideas and inspiration, and while there you’ll regularly click on links that take you to landing pages and tutorials that look different from the main blog page, and that is because he uses a program called Premise, a premium service that allows bloggers to build custom landing pages. The Copyblogger site has a series of tutorials that are custom-designed landing pages that focus on simply communicating one idea or directing you to take one particular action.

The downside of Premise is that you need to pay for it. It can be a steep cost for a single blogger just starting out. However, if website marketing and SEO are key parts of your online strategy, an effective landing page can be an effective way of making more sales and increasing your leads, so Premise may pay for itself in no time.

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