How to Build an SEO Keyword List with Ubersuggest

by Ed on May 16, 2012

keyword-search-list-seo-ubersuggestÜbersuggest is a keyword list building tool that scrapes the search suggestions from Google in order to help you build comprehensive and relevant keyword lists. By entering a keyword or phrase, you can figure out the most popular search phrases based on each letter and number that follows it.

For example, if you search for “business website,” Ubersuggest will suggest a list of the top 10 search phrases beginning with “business website” and then additional lists of 10 phrases, with the first list of 10 phrases based on the letter “A.” That first list of 10 phrases will include keywords such as “business website articles.” The next list of 10 phrases will be based on the letter “B” and will begin with “business website builder.”

Why Use Ubersuggest?

While we all know that Google provides keyword suggestions with search words and phrases, Ubersuggest makes it possible to access those suggestions in one search. The potential to save time while working on your marketing plans is incredible with Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest also helps you quickly break down keyword search terms into a wider variety of options. In addition, Ubersuggest makes it possible to search more results related to the phrases in its list of suggestions, providing a virtually endless supply of long tail phrases to integrate into your website’s SEO plans or to develop better blog post titles in the future. Once you find the best keyword phrase, you can dig deeper into related long tail results connected to it.

Another benefit of Ubersuggest is that you can easily build your keyword list by clicking the green “plus” button next to each word. Then you can click “get” in the top right column in order to download your list. This is both a more efficient way to gather data from Google’s suggestion feature and to transfer that data into a format that you can use on your small business website.

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