How to Build Anticipation on Your Blog

by Ed on November 7, 2012

blog visitors content marketingThe key to both attracting and retaining readers for your small business website’s blog is creating a sense of anticipation about the content that you’re sharing. The enemy of every business blogger is a high bounce rate—which indicates that readers are landing on your blog and quickly moving on without reading your content, subscribing to your newsletter, or filling out a form for a free quote.

If you want to hook readers and keep them coming back, you need to build anticipation about what’s next. here are some tips:

Host Top Guest Bloggers

When you host a stellar guest post by an industry expert, you can create a sense of anticipation for what’s coming next. Readers will want to come back in order to discover additional posts by the experts you’ll have in the future. You could even start a guest post series where one writer or several writers regularly contribute on a particular day.

Start an In Depth Series

If you can explore a topic in depth with a series of posts, you’ll convince readers to subscribe or bookmark your small business blog. This anticipation for additional information on a subject will help you win greater credibility with your blog’s audience and will lead to a higher subscribe rate if you can nail each post in your series.

Address Specific Topics on a Regular Basis

Write about industry news every Monday or do a blog post round up on Friday at the end of your week. Let your readers know they can expect something special if they stop by on specific days. In addition, if you regularly post a list of your favorite blog posts, you’ll enhance your online blogging network and open up more opportunities for guest posts and promotions.

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