How to Control the Way Your Website Shows Up on Facebook Shares

by Ed on April 2, 2012

When someone shares your website on Facebook, there’s a chance that any image or text could show up along with the link. If you don’t carefully specify which text and image goes with your content, Facebook will just pull whatever it can find from your website and share it along with the link. The result could be a confusing image and irrelevant text showing up with your link and significantly cutting down on your page views.

Properly formatting your blog posts and website will ensure that the most relevant and professional information will show up whenever someone shares a link to your small business website on Facebook. Design firm, Hyper Arts, has put together a great tutorial that walks you through the various steps required to format your website for Facebook shares in great detail.

Here are a few of the key points from that article:

Format Your Image Source Tags for Facebook

You’ll need to start by designating the “image_src meta tag” in the “head” section of your website. Facebook will only pull in GIF, JPEG, or PNG image formats.

You may have noticed that sometimes Facebook gives you a choice of which image to include with the link. This is because you can specify several images in the “head” tags of your posts or website pages.

Format Your Title Tag for Facebook

Another important element of your website for Facebook is the title tag for your page. This also appears in the “head” section of your website. This element will be marked as “title” in your code. This is important for both SEO and for Facebook.

You should keep your title tag as short as you can while still including some keywords that help search engines figure out what your site is all about. If you aim for no more than 65 characters, you should be in good shape.

Format Your Meta Description for Facebook

The meta description for your website should also go in the “head” section. The meta description is a brief, 150-character description of your website that will help Facebook users understand what your small business website is all about and will make them far more likely to click on the link to your website.

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