How to Get More Blog Subscribers

by Ed on November 19, 2012

call to action email button exampleAttracting more subscribers to your blog and email newsletter list begins with what you don’t put on your blog. Too much clutter and bright images can pull readers away from the most important calls to action on your small business website’s blog. When you’re laying out your website for a professional designer or building it yourself, remember these tips in order to attract more subscribers.

Keep Your Goals Simple

If you have too many options, readers won’t know what to do. For starters, if you want to convince visitors to sign up for your mailing list, make sure that’s the only thing they can find above the fold. Even your logo or social media buttons could take away from your impact. One form with a clear call to action will generate more leads than a page full of products and buttons with a sign up form shoved somewhere off to the side.

This relates to anything from the design of your blog to the actual call to action button or form you use. Both the design of your form and the blog all around it will impact your effectiveness. Invest your energy in creating a simple and intuitive form first with a clear call to action such as “subscribe today” before you consider its placement on your site. The call to action comes first.

Forms Before Blog Content

Whether you use a website tool like the WordPress Greeter Box Plugin or you paste in the code for your sign up form above your main content section on your blog, make sure readers can find your most important offers at your site. If they want to read your blog post, they’ll scroll down—provided your special offer looks professional and not like a spam site.

Ask What Your Readers Will Do Next

While it’s important to help readers find related blog content that they’ll keep reading, don’t forget the value of adding a call to action box at the bottom of your blog posts. By the time readers get to the bottom of your post, you have a golden opportunity to capture their email addresses for future promotions or to convince them to subscribe to your blog.


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