How to Integrate an E-Newsletter Into Your Website

by Ed on January 11, 2012

adding enewsE-newsletters provide a simple and direct way to connect with your customers and website readers on a regular basis, notifying them of promotions and reminding them to swing back to your site for a visit. Better yet, an e-newsletter provides you with real-time metrics for your customers’ needs as you test out different subject lines and learn which links appeal to your readers.

You may think that sending a regular e-newsletter is a ton of work, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, once you set up your e-newsletter, you won’t need to dedicate more than a few hours to it each month or week.

The Advantages of an E-Newsletter Service

Besides making it easy to directly connect with customers and readers, an e-newsletter service takes all of the guess-work out of sending an e-mail to a large group of people. Even if you send a plain text message, there’s no guarantee that everyone on your list will receive it since some e-mail clients block group messages.

If you try to design your own template, there’s no guarantee that the design will show up properly when opened. An e-newsletter service tests out templates, ensuring that they’ll work for every e-mail service and web browser available, ensuring that your message comes across loud and clear.

How Choose an E-Newsletter Service

There are some great options for sending an e-newsletter such as Emma and AWeber, but one of the easiest services you can use is MailChimp since it’s free to use—provided your list isn’t enormous. MailChimp provides e-mail templates and excellent metrics for measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns.

MailChimp is both intuitive to use and easy to integrate into your website with simple sign up forms you can create and then paste into the HTML of your website.

Keep the E-Newsletter Consistent with Your Site

By using the same logo or header image, font, and color scheme, create a consistent feel with your website so that readers recognize your company’s brand. Resist the temptation to include too much text or images. E-newsletter readers generally don’t want to read a long article unless there’s a really good pay-off at the end.

Give Customers What They Want

Don’t just start an e-newsletter for the sake of having one. Provide something useful to your customers. Did you find a bunch of great links over the past month that your customers need? Share a list each month with your readers. Can you offer a discount on one of your products? Give your readers the best deal possible.


An e-newsletter provides a simple way to build relationships with customers, providing a direct link to them as well as a simple way they can reply to you. If you want to expand your business, use an e-newsletter to creatively interact with customers and to keep your business on their radar.

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