How to Integrate MailChimp Into Your Website

by Ed on January 20, 2012

mailchimp-logoMailChimp is an intuitive E-mail newsletter marketing tool that offers a tremendous number of features at no charge and a premium version for larger companies. With forms you can paste into your website, widgets for CMS services like WordPress, customizable templates, and a dashboard with campaign reports, every small business website owner will fill find the essentials for a great e-newsletter that provides immediate access to your customers.

How to Attract Subscribers

The best way to build a mailing list is to offer something for free, such as an E-book, a discount, or a training video. Think about the services your company offers, the partnerships you can tap into, and what will appeal to your website visitors. Mailchimp provides a double-opt in system with confirmation e-mails that can be used to send links, coupons, and other promotions.

How Sign Up Forms Work

MailChimp provides simple online editing options for all of their sign up forms so that you can customize them with your company’s color scheme, logo, and other features related to your company’s website. You can either post the HTML for your e-newsletter right into your website’s code or link to a sign up landing page that MailChimp hosts for you.

All of your forms can be designed so that they have the same look. You can also create auto-responders and share your e-newsletters on your social media networks.

If you use a CMS on your website like WordPress, adding a sign up form is as easy as adding the MailChimp widget to your sidebar.

Tips on Creating a Template

Though MailChimp provides a great online editor for their e-newsletter templates, you can also copy the code and edit it offline in a free HTML editor such as Kompozer. Working offline is especially helpful if you accidentally close your screen or need to work at a location that doesn’t have wifi access.

It’s generally standard practice to use a one column e-newsletter template with a white background in the center column and black text. You can use some different colors to set off particular parts of the message, but keep them easy to read and use them sparingly so that your message doesn’t look cluttered. use fonts that are ideal for online reading such as Arial, Trebuchet, Verdana, or Georgia. If you do end up using different fonts, you may want to make the paragraph text one font and the heading text a different font so that it stands out.

Managing Your List

When you create a list on MailChimp, you can import subscribers who have shared their e-mail addresses with you and then add a sign up form on your website in order to include more subscribers. In order to send an e-newsletter, create a “campaign” and then choose a particular list or even a segment of a list that will receive the e-newsletter you send.

With MailChimp you can schedule to send your e-newsletter campaign at any time so that you can take catch your readers at the most advantageous time.


MailChimp provides a simple way to keep in touch with your website visitors and to build your online business. The best part is that it’s free to try, so you’ve got nothing to lose if you give it a shot today.

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