How to Use Instagram for Your Business Website

by Ed on May 8, 2012

Instagram is a photo sharing app for iPhones that makes it easy to take pictures on a iPhone and share them with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or connections on your Instagram account. Instagram allows users to apply a series of filters to their photos in order to create a vintage look for their images that resembles a polaroid.

Where Instagram Goes on Your Website

Instagram can be easily integrated into your website with a photo sharing widget in your website’s sidebar where visitors can see a variety of images you’ve taken. This provides an opportunity for customers to connect with you on Instagram or Twitter as they view your pictures  as you upload them.

What to Do with Instagram

Instagram is a story-telling tool. While you may have seen more people upload images of dinner, think of ways you can take pictures of your employees, customers, products, events, or office. Give customers a behind the scenes look at your business or provide them with images of your products they’ll want to share on Pinterest or Facebook. Instagram is not effective on its own, but when it is integrated with Twitter and your small business website, it can introduce customers with the faces behind your company and make your product more personalized.

As you take pictures with Instagram, make sure your account is fully integrated with Twitter in order to provide your followers with concrete elements to your story.

Another use for Instagram is to take pictures that you can integrate throughout your website. For example, so bloggers use their Instagram images to create personalized website banners. A company could run a promotion that encourages customers to take pictures of themselves with its products and then posts the four best images as part of a website banner.

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Buy Instagram Followers July 19, 2012 at 11:26 am

Instagram is a great platform to get closer with your followers and customers. You can promote your brand while interacting with them. Thanks for the tips Ed!

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