How WuFoo Builds and Manages Forms on Your Business Website

by Ed on March 6, 2012

website formsWuFoo Website Forms: If you run a small business website and you want to collect registration information for a workshop or sell products online, WuFoo provides a simple and intuitive solution. WuFoo is an online form creation and management tool that makes it easy to create a consistent brand for your business as you create forms to collect customer information and make sales on both your own website and in other locations such as Facebook. All of your customer data will be compiled into accounts and can be easily analyzed in reports and exported into a spreadsheet.

Why Use WuFoo?

WuFoo solves just about every challenge with online forms in one shot. You’ll be able to build custom forms or adapt their templates for your website, manage all of the data, and integrate payments into existing services such as PayPal and Freshbooks. The process is seamless and designed for anyone to pick up in a matter of minutes. The time saved on having to create web forms and manage the data in a scalable way makes WuFoo well worth your time.

How to Get Started with WuFoo

WuFoo offers a very basic trial version where you can get started with a few forms that you can use to collect a limit of 100 entries per month. If you want to test out how WuFoo works, this is a great option that will let you explore most of its major features. Though you can find a wide variety of pricing options, the $29.95 package may provide the best range of features for the money, unless you have a larger business that requires a more expensive package.

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Chromatix May 29, 2012 at 10:56 pm

awesome tool, definitely a winner for small businesses who want something simple to update without the big budgets

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