Is Social Media Helping or Hurting Your Blog?

by Ed on December 17, 2012

twitter marketing fail social mediaEvery small business blogger who uses content marketing to generate new leads and sales knows that social media is a key way to generate more interaction with customers and to put a website in front of a niche audience. While the mechanics of adding social media buttons to a website, registering for an account, and creating a consistent brand image are simple enough to do, actually using social media to effectively promote your business is quite another matter. In fact, if you market your business in the wrong ways, social media could prove counterproductive.

Here are three things to check about your social media strategy:

Are You Intriguing Your Readers?

Don’t just post content and leave the rest to chance. Apps such as Hootsuite let you check your sharing stats and clicks so you can find out if readers are really engaging with your posts and updates.

Are you running promotions that no one is sharing?

Are you offering advice that no one needs?

Check your stats to find out which topics and updates get the most interaction and then modify your strategy accordingly. If you don’t follow up on your posts, you’ll just look irrelevant and out of touch.

Are You Following the Right People?

Social media is all about connecting with the right people in your niche who will either help you reach more people or who will value your content and products/services. However, just setting up an account doesn’t mean the right people will find you. In fact, spammers will most likely find you, which only makes your presence online look more irrelevant.

Follow the right people in your niche on Twitter and then look for recommendations for related people to follow. Make a habit of following at least ten new, relevant people every day. This will build your community as they follow you back and, hopefully, share your blog posts.

Are You Interacting with Your Network?

Every new follower or “reply” is an opportunity to directly speak to someone who could either become a customer or a valuable colleague. Make sure you follow back every follower in your niche and reply to every message. Don’t spam followers with an auto-DM, but you may consider a personalized message with the person’s name and a question or a generous offer: “Can I send you a free ebook?”

The quality of your social network will be determined by your ability to have high value interactions with your customers.

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