Pendule – A Handy Little Chrome Plugin

by diyweb on October 26, 2012

Google Chrome has become a widely used browser these days. It’s fairly easy to use from a web developer’s perspective and offers some very useful extensions. Pendule is one extension that supplements Chrome’s built-in inspect element feature. Even if you’re just starting out as a website builder, you’ll find this little tool helpful in many ways.

Let’s start with the Pendule menu. The Pendule toolbar button menu is divided into six areas. First is the style sheets section. While Chrome already offers CSS viewing, the options in this area give you more control over what your CSS actually looks like in the end. The Beautify CSS button enables you to make even the most compressed CSS more readable. Though you can’t change anything in the CSS view, this option does allow you to improve the overall look of pages containing compressed CSS.

Image handling is the second area. Pendule offers some interest utilities for handling images. You can use the “View Images Information” option which will take you to a completely new web page that contains all images from the current page. Information on each will be provided. You will even have the opportunity to read the alt text information for each. When you use these utilities, you will be able to scroll through all the images and audit them separately.

There are also some miscellaneous utilities onboard. View JavaScript is the first option. This divides each script on the current page into sections and lets you “beautify” the code so it is readable.

The “display ruler” option dims the page and overlays it with a frame containing a label that shows the dimensions as you go along. This frame can be resized and drug at your convenience. It’s quite useful for checking to see that elements are aligned correctly.

If you are a web developer who has just decided to use Chrome, the first step you should take is to familiarize yourself with how it works. It does come equipped with some very useful developer tools which will give you many great options. Once this has been accomplished, you may want to check out Pendule. The tools it contains will nicely supplement what Chrome already has to offer.

Take the time to carefully explore all the Pendule menus and try out each option to see what it does. Keep in mind you’ll probably change the way your text and other website elements look before finally settling on something that gives you the right appearance.

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