SEO for a Small Business Website with an Ambiguous Name

by Ed on May 22, 2012

Google SEO marketing tool small business websiteIn the late 90’s very few people knew what a “Google” was. Today Google has invaded our everyday language as a verb we use any time we want to search something online. I wouldn’t be surprised if we think of “Googling” terms on Bing or Yahoo sometimes.

There are lots of companies, small businesses especially, who have unique names that may not communicate what they do. If you have a small business with such a name, how can you ensure that you’re drawing relevant search traffic to your small business website?

Develop a Strong Tag Line for Everything

If the name of your company doesn’t capture what you do, make sure you have a short and simple tag line that you can use everywhere. For example, a tag line for Google could be, “The most reliable online search results.” Keep it short, easy to remember, and keyword rich. Tag lines go with your physical marketing materials, offline campaigns, and online marketing efforts from your website to Facebook and Twitter.

Incorporate Your Tag Line in Your Website Tags

Your titles and descriptions (see here for how to title and tag your website) on your website should utilize the keywords and descriptions from your tag line. Use Google’s keyword tool to find the best keywords for your business website in order to help search engines figure out what search results are most relevant for you.

Write Blog Posts for Your Business Website’s Niche

One of the best ways to help search engines figure out what your company does is to write regular, industry-related blog posts on your website. Fill up the tags with relevant keywords, add descriptions of your images, and make sure the titles address your core business.

Integrate Your Business Website with Local Search

By linking up with Google Places, your brick and mortar business can be easily discovered online and best yet, users will be able to figure out what you do based on your descriptions and customer reviews.

Clarify Your Business through a Domain Name

If you can add a verb or other descriptive word to your domain name, you can help customers figure out what you offer. For example, if you have a garden and flower seed company called “Sprouts,” you could use the domain name, “” to help clarify that you’re in the seed business, as opposed to being a health food restaurant.

Verify Your Business with Google

By verifying your company with Google, you can get your own picture or your logo to show up along with your page results. This will help search users clarify who you are and what you offer. In addition, including your image or your company logo with your search results will help your small business website stand out from the pack in search results.

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