Set Up an E-Commerce Website with the Pricing Table Plugin

by Ed on March 27, 2012

blog-business-price-tablePricing Table: This WordPress plugin is one version of a price table generator for websites that is ideal for a small business website. Website owners can offer various services and pricing packages to their visitors. The Pricing Table plugin is tough to beat because it’s free and has a simple backend set up that allows you to quickly enter your features and price range into a clean pre-designed template. This allows you to set up e-commerce functionality on your website in a very short amount of time and in a format that will be familiar to your website visitors.

Why Use Pricing Table for Your E-Commerce Website?

If you’re managing your small business blog through WordPress or a similar service, it’s hard to resist a simple plugin like this. You can easily add a pricing table to your pages or posts on your blog. Website visitors want a simple, clear explanation of your pricing structure, and this plugin is a great way to provide visitors what they want.

In addition, the lay out of this pricing table plugin makes it very easy to communicate value to customers. If you’re charging a fee for your services, you need to make it abundantly clear that more cost offers more value.

How to Use Pricing Table for Your E-Commerce Website

The Pricing Tables plugin has a simple backend navigation setup that makes it easy to enter your terms and price structure.

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