Use LinkWithin to Keep Readers and to Improve SEO

by Ed on February 14, 2012

LinkWithin: LinkWithin is a professional-looking blog widget that appears under each post, linking to related stories from your blog archive. This is an ideal tool for making the most of your past blog posts and keeping readers on your blog engaged. If you run your blog with WordPress or Blogger, there are plug-ins available that you can install, though you can also add this widget manually. However you add it, LinkWithin is completely free and does not include any ads, making it an ideal tool for bloggers running their sites on a tight budget.

Why Use LinkWithin on Your Business Website?

Linkwithin provides the two essential benefits of keeping readers engaged with your website’s content and improving your SEO. The beauty of blogs is that your content can take on a life of its own over time. Readers today can find what you wrote last year and it can still have a powerful impact. By creating a series of high quality posts over time, you can keep readers on your site longer and increase the possibility that they will subscribe or make a purchase.

Related to SEO, most experts agree that having links within your website will make it easier for search engines to crawl and index. They’ll be able to figure out what your website is all about and provide accurate results to searchers.

How to Use LinkWithin on Your Business Website

In using LinkWithin on WordPress or Blogger, you only need to install a plug in and the LinkWithin widgets will appear at the bottom of your posts. If you manage your blog with a different program, you can visit the LinkWithin website and download the code in order to generate the links on your website.

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