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by diyweb on April 8, 2012

The internet is a visual medium which means that website design has to be eye-catching. Not in a flashing, buzzing, eye sore kind of way, but in a “I want to know more about that” sort of way. For this reason, it is important to supplement your text with creative graphics that suit your content.

The use of appropriate images gives readers an immediate clue as to the content of the article. This has two benefits. First, it pulls them in to read more and to stay on your web page longer. Second, it lets the reader know if the content is something they want to know more about. Honestly, not every article that you write is going to be relevant to every person that visits your website. And it is much better for people to read what is important to them then to spend unnecessary time clicking around on the articles that might not be relevant to them.

On the whole, adding graphics to your website design is easy to implement. But, it can be a little bit more work to find pictures that are copyright free. You can’t just download any picture you see online and use it. It is important, to protect your assets, that you ensure the images you use are copyright free and available for use. The consequence of not verifying that you have the right to use an image can include legal action by the person who does hold the copy right.

To protect yourself, one of the best places I know to find images like this is FreeDigitalPhotos.net. This site is free and has very clear use guidelines. There is a paid option if you need a little more freedom with the images, but if all you want to do is illustrate an article or other online content, the free image is sufficient. Like web etiquette dictates, you are required to provide the original source of the image.

The variety of images available for website design is stunning. The graphics are clearly organized by category and then further broken into sub-category. There are photos, line art, cartoons, and other types of graphic pieces. One aspect I particularly like is the selection of “collections.” These are groups of graphic images that are all similar and could be used in a series or to tie difference website design components together.

Other sites that offer copy right free images are Flickr, Photobucket, and Shutterstock. All of them have slightly different ways of helping you secure images that are legally available but they are a little bit more involved, which is why I go to FreeDigitalPhotos.net first.

Did you find what you were looking for when you checked this website design tool out? What sites do you use to find images?

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