Why You Need To Include Infographics in Your Content Marketing

by diyweb on July 27, 2012

Infographics have recently become one of the hottest trends in marketing, which is why you should be including them in your marketing content. Studies show that in a typical day 1.5 billion pieces of content, 140 million tweets and 2 million videos are created. With so much content available to the public how do you get yours to stand out? It has been shown that people are drawn to images; the more colorful an image is the more likely we are to take the time to see what it is about. This is where infographics come in; they are colorful images or text that is designed specifically to attract the attention of internet users.

Infographics are a combination of design, writing and analysis that are quite beneficial in attracting the attention of consumers. When used properly infographics can communicate a complex idea in a simple way. More content that contains one or more infographics has the potential to go viral more than the same content without the images. A properly designed infographics will combine text and images in a way that it represents complex data in a way that people understand. If an individual is drawn to an image and finds it relevant they are more likely to pass that content on to their friends.

In the last two years the use of infographics has increased by over 800% which means that many other content writers have discovered the importance infographics can have on their work. What makes infographics so popular is the ability to quickly scan and view the material. Since people tend to be more visual it is important that we learn how to tap into this by stimulating their optic nerve. People are also drawn to facts and figures, which makes infographics an ideal way to share that information. If you make your graphics more exciting than a simple chart you will have grasped the attention of many potential customers.

Infographics are also an easy way to create brand awareness. By creating an image that is embedded with your logo and brand, you have created a powerful marketing tool that will increase the flow of traffic to your website. There are many advantages to using infographics in all of the content that you release, don’t ignore this powerful marketing tool and all that it can do for you. You will be pleased with the attention you attract from the simple use of infographics.

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