Improving Your Website with SortSite Error Checker

by diyweb on June 17, 2013

website toolsWhen building and maintaining a website, it’s hard to keep track of every little detail all of the time. As a result, unexpected errors can occur and may be undetected by the site designer for quite a while. For example, perhaps you’ve visited pages only to find the links don’t work? Broken links are common and can occur for a number of reasons. The website administrator may not even be aware this problem exists.

As a DIY designer, you want to have a way of checking your site for any possible errors. SortSite Error Checker provides the perfect solution.

Use SortSite to check your entire site for:

  • Broken Links
  • Spelling Errors
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Accessibility
  • Web Standards
  • SEO Issues

Broken Links

Broken links occur when something causes a link to no longer work. Just imagine you recently added a “purchase” link to your site, and it has somehow stopped working. If you are not aware of this, you could potentially lose hundreds, maybe even thousands of customers. You have so many links on your site that it would be difficult to check them all on a regular basis. SortSite will check your site for any links that may not work so you can repair them ASAP.

Checking your site on an ongoing basis will help ensure all links work as they should. This will ensure business can continue as usual uninterrupted.

Spelling Errors

Spelling errors are common, especially when you have several pages full of information and you are working feverishly to update each of them periodically. It’s easy to miss a spelling mistake while proofreading, even if you have someone else look at your content too. Your customers, however, probably won’t miss them. A few here and there are usually forgivable, chalked up to typos or simple oversights, but now you can avoid all that with SortSite.

Be sure to check for spelling errors each time you add content to your site. Even though you may be meticulous about proofreading, it never hurts to check for what you might have missed.

Browser Compatibility

Browser compatibility is another very important consideration. Now that there are several different Internet browsers available for use, having a site that will work with them all, or at least those that are most widely used is crucial. These include: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari to name a few.

While it’s a great idea to test your website with various browsers, SortSite will allow you to check for compatibility quickly and easily. You should check browser compatibility each time new elements have been added to your pages.


When the topic of accessibility arises, many things come to mind. The issues listed above certainly fall into the category of accessibility because they impact whether or not users are able to access your site. How quickly your pages load and the customers’ ability to make purchases easily are also aspects of accessibility.

Making sure your pages will work for users who are visually impaired is another important component. SortSite will help ensure your site content and all elements are easy to see and are read by screen readers for those with no or very limited sight. The content or way your site works won’t change and the end result will be pages that work smoother and better overall.

Web Standards

Over the years, web standards have been developed to help site designers create pages that work well and are easy to find. These standards address many important issues to include the languages used to build websites.

SortSite will ensure all web standards are met, thus taking the guess work out of it for you. This is yet another detail that is very important to the success of your site.

SEO Issues

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is what determines whether or not people will find you. An optimized page includes content with keywords directly related to what your potential customers will search for and the inclusion of them will determine whether or not they’ll find you easily.

There’s much more to SEO than simply placing keywords in your content, and SortSite will help you to identify any issues that exist. Resolving those issues will ensure you remain visible on many different areas of the World Wide Web.

SortSite will run on most mainstream devices: PC, Mac, iPad, ETC. It also works in modern web browsers such as: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome to name a few. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 and does not require any installation.

You can learn more about its benefits and powerful features by visiting It’s an invaluable tool no DIY website designer should be without. Best of all, it’s easily accessible from anywhere and very user friendly. Try it for an improved experience for both you the designer and those who visit your site.

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