Nine Ways to Improve Your Website

by diyweb on December 13, 2013

improve your websiteLaunching a website is exciting, but keeping it up and running takes work. Updating the content, feel, and look on a regular basis is very important. It is what keeps you current and visible to current and potential customers. It’s also what helps you continue to sell products and services. So how do you go about improving what’s there? Below are nine ways to make your website better.

One: Keep the content current. This is an absolute must. In order for visitors to learn the latest about your business, you need to keep the content current. This includes all contact information, product news, and relevant updates. Also be sure all content is correct. One bad phone number or invalid Email address can lose you many customers.

Two: Write meta descriptions for your pages. When visitors search for pages like yours, the descriptions under the page titles in the search results will help them decide whether to or not to click on your pages. Since you obviously want them to click and view your information, you’ll need to make sure your meta descriptions are accurate and correct. Google and other search engines lift this information from the meta description field found on your website. This is also the summary that is pulled when a web page of yours is shared through social media.

You want your meta descriptions to be unique in order for click-throughs for each page to be increased. Think of the meta description as the small bit of text that is used to entice the reader.

Three: Choose an appropriate theme. Make sure the theme and look of each page on your website is relevant to the content. For example, if you run a store selling wacky products, you might choose a look and feel that depicts this.

Four: Easy navigation is essential. This is another absolute must. If your web pages are difficult to navigate, or if visitors are uncertain about where to click or search for information, they will probably go somewhere else to get it. A site that is simple to navigate will be well-traveled and garner returning visitors who will become and remain customers.

Five: Keep your URLs short. A long web address is difficult to remember. Also make sure the URL you choose is as close to your business name as possible. If the exact URL you want is already taken, try putting dashes between words. This will keep it easy to remember and will help the search engines find you.

Six: Use social media to promote your website. One great way to get the word out is through social media. You are probably familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. There are many others cropping up all around, so stay up-to-date with them and create pages on those you find relevant to your audience. Then post information about products, services, events, and just your business in general. Be sure to include links to various pages on your website. You want to target individual pages as well as the home page in order to get more visitors. This will also increase the number of ways you can be found through search engines.

Seven: Place a prominent call-to-action on your website. This should be easy for visitors to find. The message should also be very clear. They should know what you want them to do upon reading it. Placing it on each page isn’t a bad idea as this makes it easy to find. Again, a site that is easy to navigate and that contains relevant information that is easy to locate and read will be a successful one.

Eight: Add contact information. While this may seem obvious, there are a lot of websites out there without it. At the very least, some have Email addresses, but nothing else in the way of a phone number. When placing contact information on your site, be sure to add all relevant manners in which people can contact you. That way visitors will have no difficulty asking questions or sending feedback.

Nine: Provide feedback to current and potential customers. Whenever visitors ask you questions, be sure to answer them in a timely manner. Set aside some time each week for taking care of this task. If you aren’t sure of a particular answer, contact the visitor and thank him or her for the interest. Make sure you add that you will obtain the answer and make contact once more when you have it. This will go a long way toward establishing a customer rapport.

There are many ways you can make your website better. Constantly working to improve it will help you maintain customer satisfaction. The more you seek to keep up with emerging trends, the more improvement you’ll see all around. You can read more about ways in which you can improve your website by visiting

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