Top Gifts for Website Developers and Website Designers

by Ed on December 21, 2013

top gifts for website developersThe Christmas gifts available for a small business website designer range from the highly practical to the purely comical to the amazing and unlikely. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on a great gift for a website developer—we all can’t afford a new MacBook Pro or the Adobe Creative Suite!  However, if you wanted to purchase something that is unique, you can certainly spend a little more to make something happen.

Creative Cell Phone Charging Docks

If your website developer is a big fan of his/her iPhone, then this is the perfect gift: a secure and stylish docking station that is ideal for any office setting. There are plenty of options depending on which kind of phone you have, but the real convenience of this gift is that it allows users to easily play music, browse podcasts, or check up on a favorite app while they work.

An App Store Gift Card

Website developers are often looking for the latest app that they can use for their work or personal projects. A gift card to an app store will give them the perfect justification to splurge on themselves. If your designer friend is having a hard year, a little extra cash for a professional expense doesn’t hurt!

The Smashing Design Book

Smashing Magazine is one of the best online magazines for website designers, but the editors have also put together a “best-of” book on website design that should be on every website developer’s wish list. Their tutorials are practical, comprehensive, and extremely well-written, providing tons of tips and tricks for anyone working in the website design industry. It’s a full color book with ten comprehensive chapters offering up website design tips.

UI Stencils for Website Designers

Speaking of sketching website designs, an ideal splurge for a website designer is a UI design stencil. These stencils allow designers to work on their sites on paper and then add in the typical user interface icons and designs by simply shading in a stencil. This will create a more professional website sketch, and if this designer is working on your site, the mock ups you’re sent will be of a higher quality.

Design Notebooks for Website Developers

From Moleskine’s classic journals to the grid-design of Field Notes notebooks, there are some elegant and simple notebooks that are most likely on the wish list of any website designer. Whether sketching or just making a to do list, these notebooks are an ideal for website developers that will always be in demand.

Laser Keyboards for Website Developers

One of the most impressive gifts you can pick up for a website designer is a laser keyboard that can be projected onto any surface. It’s designed to integrate with any device like an iPad, enabling website designers to quickly add a keyboard wherever they are. This is a great space saver that makes it incredibly easy to work quickly at the push of a button and the beam of a laser.

Website Designer T-Shirts

website designer t-shirtsThe UnRefinery has a great collection of t-shirts that are ideal for any website designer who wants to dress down at work or to get a laugh from friends. If your website designer friend prefers something more in the video game realm, check out the Think Geek collection with classics such as their Atari and Nintendo shirts. If you’re not up on the latest technology innovations, this is a fun gift that takes a lot of pressure off.

A Massage for Website Developers

While many website developers aren’t necessarily listing a massage at the top of their gift lists, many of them have stiff shoulders and sore necks after working on their computers all day. Many of them may have gotten used to ongoing neck and back pain from their work.

Massages cost around $40 for a half hour session depending on where you’re located. While a massage is a one-time gift, it may also provide an important lifestyle change that improves the overall quality of life for a website designer.


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