Use Kuler to Enhance Your Website’s Color Scheme

by Ed on January 10, 2013

website color designKuler: Whether you’re designing your small business website from scratch or you need to modify an existing website template, it can be hard to find the perfect color combination, especially if the most you’ve thought about colors until now is whether you should use a blue or black pen. The right website colors can highlight important information and provide an attractive contrast to your site that makes it easier to browse. The wrong combination of colors could hurt readability and make your small business look less professional.

The advantage of Kuler is the existing user community that has already created a wide variety of professional color schemes that you can use with most of the top creative suite programs. In addition, if you want to create your own color scheme, you can make one based on a particular color or you can upload a picture and use that to pick the colors for your site.

Kuler is a free, stand alone program, but you can also access it through creative programs such as Adobe’s creative suite. You just need to sign in to start using it, and it will certainly help you take advantage of the forums where you can find advice for your website’s color schemes.

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