What to Consider when Building Your Own Website

by diyweb on January 22, 2013

Before you begin work on your new website, there are several things you should consider. Use this information to make a check list. It will help you ensure nothing is left out from the start.

Know the main goal of your website. Are you establishing it to sell products? Are you using it to promote services you offer? You’ll focus on the aim when writing content and adding various elements. Your main goal will be the starting point from which you will build your entire site. All smaller goals will derive from the main aim.

Understand your target market. This will affect the theme of each page, all the content, and the overall design. You will optimize your website according to your audience. Your networking and marketing efforts will also revolve around your target market. Keep it in mind at all times when working on your website.

Choose a website theme. This should reflect the purpose of your site. You can select a theme from templates or create your own. Whether you are using a website builder or doing it yourself from scratch, you should make it unique. This will allow you to reach your target market.

Your theme should depict through content and design how your business will meet the needs of your target audience. Visitors to your site will see your theme and know what your business is all about.

Establish a budget. Know how much you’ll have to spend before you choose the tools you’ll use. This will show you how much money you have to work with and is a necessary step.

Figure out the cost of developing your own site. Know how much you will pay for a domain, hosting, and the tools you will use to develop your entire site. Figure in the marketing and advertising costs. Once your site is up you’ll need to spread the word. There are many ways to do this. Your budget will probably dictate which means you choose especially at first.

Know how much time it will take to build your website. The actual amount will probably change along the way, but establishing this at the beginning will give you a timeline to follow. It will help you in reaching your goals.

When establishing a domain name, choose carefully. Think long and hard about this aspect. It should be relatively short, be easy to remember, and should indicate what people can expect from your site. This will help customers retain it better which makes it easier to pass onto others through word of mouth.

Select a hosting package. They range from free to quite costly. Your budget will dictate at least in part what type you choose. Research your options before making a decision.

Select the tools you’ll use to build your site. Again, research what’s available. Download demos and trials when possible. Talk to other people who have designed their own websites to find out what worked for them.

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