Where to Find Stock Images for the Holidays

by Ed on December 1, 2013

christmas-holiday-stock-imagesIf you’re running a holiday promotion or need to develop holiday-specific content for your small business website, you’ll need to find high quality stock images that will help you create a professional look. However, professional stock images can be expensive, and you may not have the budget for a year end photo splurge.

In order to help you get started on your small business website’s promotion, here’s a list of stock image sites that should be at the top of your list when you’re searching for stock images online during the the holiday season. Keep in mind that some are free, but not all of them…

Light Stock

While Light Stock is a photo website that charges a fee for downloads, it’s comparable to other popular sites, and it’s all faith-based images. If you want a particularly religious theme for your website or blog posts, this is a great place to look for a quick, unbeatable image. The photos are professional quality and easy to sort through. While this isn’t the place where most website managers would look for images on a regular basis, it’s a convenient option during the holiday season.

Use HubSpot’s Holiday Image Offerings

HubSpot is an online marketing company that frequently offers various image sets and marketing eBooks to their email newsletter subscribers. If you don’t mind receiving a few emails each week, you’ll probably find some useful images and marketing tips in their weekly email updates.

There are currently two holiday stock image offerings, one for 200 images and one for 250 images. While website owners looking for something really specific may struggle to find the perfect image, this is an ideal set of images that gives you plenty of options that are all of the highest quality. Just click through and sign up for their e-newsletters to get the download codes for their holiday stock images.

Holiday Images on Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange is one of the best websites for free stock images in general, but if you search for specific categories, such as holiday images, you’ll be sure to find a wide array of images to choose from. However, keep in mind that Stock Exchange is an international website, and the word “holiday” in countries such as Canada and England could mean “vacation.” In addition, the pool of images is quite large, and sometimes the quality isn’t comparable to what you’ll find with HubSpot.

However, if you’re good at testing out a few different terms and you comb through your results, Stock Exchange usually delivers a useful image that you can use right away. Just double check the permissions and rights before downloading an image.

Flickr’s Holiday Tags

You’ll find even more variety in Flickr’s image sets that are tagged “holiday.” While you can find professional images, you’ll need to double check on the rights and permissions associated with the images. On the up side, Flickr can provide tremendous quality if you hit the right photo set. On the down side, there are so many images on Flickr that you could end up wasting a lot of time combing through all of the images available.

Free Christmas Stock Images

If you need stock images that are limited to Christmas, you can check out this free stock image site that has a limited selection, but many of the images have a darker background or solid color background that are ideal for adding text.

Shutterstock Images Holiday Collection

If you only need one image but that one image needs to be perfect, check out a premium photo site like Shutterstock and review their holiday image selection. Unless you have the budget for a year-round license, just buy each image as needed when you visit this site. Best yet, depending on which size you need, the prices will vary accordingly.


By the way, the stock image at the top of this post was found on Stock Exchange.


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