Are You Diversifying Your Sources of Website Traffic?

by Ed on February 11, 2014

marketing-website-newsBuilding a successful small business website takes more than a stellar product or excellent writing on your blog. You need a comprehensive marketing plan that pulls in traffic from multiple sources. The latest shake up over Facebook diverting traffic away from its pages, which is where many small businesses have camped out, drives home the importance of a marketing plan that can reach a variety of readers in several different ways.

Here are some simple ways to diversify your website traffic:


Search Engines for Website Traffic

Even though social media is the focus of many marketing seminars, don’t forget to optimize your posts with keywords and compelling titles that match what your customers are entering into search engines. Study the keywords in your industry and answer the questions that people are actually asking. Even using Google’s auto-complete for searches will give you a good idea of what people want to know about your industry.


Local Promotions for Your Website

Don’t rule out local advertising opportunities. Sometimes a print ad, local website ad, place mat in a diner, bulletin board, or other location around your town can work great for driving new customers to your website. If your website name is memorable and potential customers will see the ad, it could work to include a coupon code that will allow you to track your ad’s effectiveness.

In addition, producing flyers, brochures, or cards can make it possible to give customers a simple way to remember you and your business.


Popular Niche Websites

The most effective way to draw new readers to your website is by finding popular websites in your niche where they hang out and read articles. You can run ads, offer product giveaways, or write guest posts in order to reach these readers more effectively. The power of online marketing is that you can find hubs where people are naturally hanging out and target those people effectively. You may need to try a few different tactics before you find something that works, but you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve put your content in front of the right people.


Secondary Niche Websites

There may be a small local paper that runs a website or an alternative news site that could be interested in a feature story about your business or products. Don’t just look at your existing network. Consider ways you can cross over to a new niche and catch the attention of customers who may never have considered your company before.


Pinterest Marketing

If your niche fits Pinterest, then you shouldn’t overlook the power of being engaged on it for a limited time, repinning a few things each day. While you don’t want to stretch yourself thin by taking on too much, the same principle holds true: go to where your customers are. If you need more website traffic, there are many website owners who claim they get plenty of traffic from Pinterest.


Network with Influential Bloggers

That LinkedIn account you have doesn’t have to languish in obscurity. You can use less popular social media tools like LinkedIn or GooglePlus to reach influential people in your niche who may be flooded with email but only have a few messages on LinkedIn that are worth reading. Find ways to stand out from the crowd by reaching out to the influencers in your niche and getting your business in front of them. You may not convince every person to help your cause, but a little bit of help from an influential person can go a long way to reaching new customers and giving your business credibility.


Organize a Community Blogging Project

It takes time to build relationships with bloggers, but you can reach a wider group of readers by working together to create blogging projects around a similar theme or topic. You’ll be able to share traffic with other bloggers, while introducing their readers to your website as well.


Write about a Pressing Current Event

Your website doesn’t have to be all business. You can leverage your content and business expertise in order to help a worthy cause. Many businesses get involved in sponsoring fundraisers because they get to use their marketing dollars in order to help others in their community or around the world. By writing about a pressing social issue or current event, you can tap into the concerns of readers, work toward a solution, and introduce your company to new prospective clients.


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