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by Ed on April 1, 2014

ipad paper-app website designAn iPad is one of the most functional productivity tools for small business owners and entrepreneurs who need to complete a variety of tasks while on the road. While an iPad can be used to check email, take pictures, read books, view movies, or complete just about any other task you could complete on a lap top, they also make it extremely easy for designers to work on their websites in any location by providing customized website tools.

Just because you have an iPad, you don’t have to leave all of your website design tools at home. In fact, you can plan, build, and edit a website for your business or cause by using a variety of free or low cost apps for an iPad. Here’s a list of great apps that will help you get started:

WordPress iPad App

Quickly write posts, edit posts, change your schedule, update widgets, or manage plugins from the WordPress app for iPad. The keyboard can be rotated depending on your position, and you can easily add images to posts if you’ve snapped a few pictures with your iPad.

Download WordPress for iOS today.

The Paper App for iPad

Designers and artists may need to begin their website designs or make website updates by first sketching out the finished product. The Paper App is the award-winning app of the year that provides all of the functionality of a notebook with a simple yet feature-rich app that enables website owners to sketch, paint, or color their website design mockups.

Download the Paper App today.

Adobe Touch Apps for iPad

Design or edit images and graphics on your iPad using your finger or stylus. Adobe’s creative suite for the iPad includes Adobe Photoshop Touch, Adobe Kuler, and Adobe Ideas. All files created using these apps can be saved on the Adobe Creative Cloud where you can access them from any device. While some designers may want to wait until they get home to their full-sized screens before using Photoshop, an app like Adobe Kuler allows designers to create color schemes while on the go, capturing any image and making it easy to build your own palette.

Download Adobe’s Touch Apps today.

Analytics App for iPad

You’ll never know what’s working and what isn’t working on your website if you don’t keep track of your analytics on a regular basis. While you should never make rash decisions based on a single day’s data, keeping regular track of trends, search terms, bounce rates, and key tags will help you define more effective ways to connect with your existing readers and how to reach a wider audience.

Download the Analytics App today.

Markup for iPad

When your website is loaded and needs to be tweaked, Markup is a fantastic app that makes it simple to edit the HTML of your site or manage your FTP files. It comes with a slick interface that helps you quickly identify your files and keep your folders in good order. Make quick changes to your template, upload images and icons, or archive key website files on the go with this simple FTP app.

Having said that, if you don’t know what FTP is, you probably don’t want to mess with your FTP files. Your website could disappear!

Download Markup today.

Photo Editor by Aviary

Aviary is one of the leading photo editing programs around. It’s even integrated completely into the TypePad blogging platform. However, you can add the power of the Aviary photo editor right into your iPad or iPhone with its highly useful Photo Editor app that anyone can use right away.

What exactly can this editor do? How about some of these features:

  • Enhance with Hi-Def, Illuminate and Color Fix
  • Stylize with over 100 free and purchasable filters
  • Get creative with stunning stickers and frames
  • Touch-up selfies with redeye and blemish removal
  • Boost smile wattage with teeth whitening
  • Selectively remove and replace color with Splash
  • Add drama with Sharpen
  • Draw, add text and create your own memes
  • Crop, rotate, and straighten your photos
  • Draw attention to the subject of your photo with Focus
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth
  • Share photos to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

If you’re taking pictures on the go and you need a reliable photo editor to touch up your pictures before uploading them to your website, Aviary can easily handle most of what you’ll need.

Learn more about the Photo Editor by Aviary Today.

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