DIY Website Tools for Artists on a Budget

by Ed on March 14, 2014

artist-website-design-tools-diyArtists, musicians, and writers who need to promote their work online without spending thousands of dollars are still able to find a wide variety of professional, versatile, and easy to use DIY website builder tools. There are sites that work “out of the box” and some that are designed to be integrated into an existing website. Whether you need a website builder or you need simple tools for enhancing your online presence, here are some ways artists of all types can build effective websites:

Set Up an Etsy Store

Etsy is one of the first stops for artists and craft makers who want to display their work in a forum where its easy to sell their products to a well-established audience. Etsy is especially ideal for artists who don’t have a website yet but want to quickly start selling their products. You can set up an Etsy store on their site and start building a customer base while you work on your website.

Once your website is ready to go, you can either use a widget or set up a mini store on your website. Etsy’s mini stores are easily created and can be modified to meet the parameters of your website. You can choose from a variety of lay outs and image sizes for your store, and then you need only paste your text into the finished pages of your website.

Create Pinterest Boards for Your Art Work

Pinterest is one of the leading tools for driving online engagement with image-based websites, so if you create visual art work, you need to start creating boards on Pinterest today and adding links to your website with each item that you pin. Your best bet is to add the Pinterest button to your browser, set up your website, and then pin items to Pinterest directly to your website. That will ensure that you share your images easily with links that go directly back to your site where visitors can make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter.

 Learn more here about the various buttons, profile widgets, and boards you can set up to share your Pinterest content with website visitors. At the very least, add a “Pin It” button to each image on your website.

Create a Gallery with Cargo Collective

Cargo Collective is an online portfolio site that provides a series of high quality templates for artists to create websites showcasing their work. Cargo’s templates are ideal for visual artists, especially painters and photographers since they focus on visual galleries that showcase images with a clean and simple interface for visitors.

In addition, the Cargo community of artists is a great resource for finding inspiration and ideas for your own marketing plans online.

Create a Photo Gallery with Zen Folio

Showcasing your work online can be extremely simple to set up with a professional and inexpensive service like Zen Folio. As of this writing it costs just $30 per year to get unlimited storage on Zen Folio. You can upload tons of pictures and videos that advertise your work in a series of high quality templates.

If you need a more robust platform for marketing your work, Zen Folio also offers a professional plan that costs $140 a year and can handle shopping cart features for selling your work.

Ask Questions with Kiss Insights

Kiss insights is a simple polling tool makes it easy to ask website visitors a simple question without putting too many forms in their face. For instance, you could ask if a visitor is interested in commissioning a work or art, getting a quote on a portrait session, or ordering a photo print with a discount code. Artists with studio shows could also gauge the interest of visitors from various locations in attending a gallery with their work.

Design a Drag and Drop Landing Page

By using a free tool like Unbounce, artists and writers can create customized landing pages by using its simple drag and drop functionality. Effective anding pages help ensure that website visitors will either leave an email address or make a purchase before moving on with their days.

PromoZip Connects Fans with Record Releases

Bands can collect email addresses and then use a tool like PromoZip to drive engagement with their record releases. Use your website to gather email addresses through a contact form or email service like Mail Chimp and then use PromoZip to create an email campaign. The HTML email you create with PromoZip will send viewers to a customized landing page with information about your new album and ways they can share or buy it. The process is seamless and user-friendly, provided you can collect email addresses in large enough quantities.

Check Out Website Builders

From Indie Made to Token Websites, website builders simplify the process of creating your own website by providing templates, blogs, online shopping carts, gallery tools, and many other tools that artists, musicians, and writers need in order to expand their careers.

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