How to Use Giveaways to Promote Your Website

by Ed on April 14, 2014


Free products are a powerful way to connect with customers and to raise awareness for your website on social media networks. Naturally a free product or download in and of itself won’t attract too much attention unless you have a strong network and the product itself is perceived by your readers as valuable.

Your website becomes a critical landing page for your company’s online social networks when you host giveaways and free promotions. Here are some ideas for ways you can use free offers to attract more customers to your business:



Promote Your Website with Free White Papers

Save your clients time by providing free white papers in PDF format on critical topics in your industry. This will build their trust in you and ensure that they download and share a document that will include your company’s information on it.

The most effective white papers assimilate important research or how-to information that your customers need into an easy-to-read format while also including a strong call to action at the end that links them back to your website.


Promote Your Website in E-books

A similar philosophy drives E-books, but in this case you’ll need to invest more time into the design, lay out, and editing of the final product. An E-book should be extremely need-focused, addressing a topic that is important to your customers. The advantage of E-books is that you can upload them to a variety of distribution platforms and use free giveaways and price discounts to get noticed by new leads. Amazon’s related books feature is particularly useful if you want to build name recognition in your niche.

E-books don’t have to be long in order to be valuable. What matters most is the content. In addition, much like a website, an E-book should be written with short paragraphs and bold subheadings in order to make them easier to read on a screen. Don’t forget to include a bio at the end of your book that lists your website address!



An E-newsletter is a powerful free tool that will connect you with customers on a regular basis and create a channel for two-way communication. If you sell products, use a newsletter to share special promotions, which will be discussed below. If you provide a service to your customers, share your own insights or links to important websites.

Some business owners have also used e-newsletters as a “value-add” for their customers and partners by providing news round ups each week, saving their customers and clients time by summarizing important industry news and sometimes adding a little commentary.


Promotional Versions of Products

If you’re a photographer, you can run a promotion giving away a full resolution download of one of your images or you can give away smaller postcards of a popular image that customers would post in a work space or on a bulletin board. If you include your logo and website URL in a corner, you’ll have free advertising wherever they place the image.


Drawings for Related Products

Facebook and Twitter make it so easy to share products within social networks that you can’t ignore drawings for your own products or products related to your business. Make sure you communicate the value of your product so that customers realize it’s a great deal and that it’s so awesome, they need to share it.


Samples of What You Sell

Product samples are common in super markets, but you can do the same thing through your website. Offer a sample of your software, provide a free consultation, or some other taste of your service that will prompt customers to come back for more.

Many software companies such as e-newsletter service Mail Chimp provide a basic level of free service where customers become hooked and find Mail Chimp indispensable. Once they get involved with it, they’ll find that they won’t mind upgrading to a paid, premium service.


Your website is part of the frontline marketing of your work. If you have valuable offers and giveaways, you’ll be exposed to a wider range of viewers who will hopefully become customers.

Remember that a giveaway is only a means of connecting new customers with an already top notch website. If your website isn’t optimized to capture new customers, then


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