The Best Drag and Drop Website Design Tools

by Ed on May 29, 2014

Canva website designWebsite design tools for busy artists, business owners, and entrepreneurs don’t have to be difficult and time-consuming to use. In fact, there are many simple website design tools that take the hard work out of the process, making it possible to create images, design websites from scratch, or implement high quality templates in a matter of minutes.

If you haven’t taken hours of website design courses, never fear. Your business can create a functional, professional, and effective website by using some of the  tools listed below.


Use Canva for Drag and Drop Website Images

The makers of Canva must have read the minds of bloggers and website owners who needed high quality images but didn’t want to learn Photoshop. Canva is a simple online photo editing tool with a variety of templates and design options that fit the needs of most website owners.

You can use Canva to create website headers, blog post images, Facebook headers, and a variety of other designed images. It’s completely free to use, and the design and font options are top notch, ensuring that anything you create will have a far better look than what you could create on your own.


Weebly Provides E-Commerce Drag and Drop Design

If you need a fully functional website that can be easily modified on the fly, be sure to check out Weebly. Weebly is incredibly intuitive and versatile for website design. While you can use it to create a responsive site that adapts to a variety of mobile devices, the real value is that Weebly allows you to create a professional site very quickly and to make significant changes in almost no time.

The other advantage of Weebly for entrepreneurs, artists, and other small business owners is the ability to integrate an e-commerce platform for selling products. Weebly takes a lot of the pain out of setting up e-commerce on your website.


Responsive Drag and Drop Website Design with Froont

Froont offers a ground-up approach to responsive website design for business owners and entrepreneurs who want more control over their website design without having to learn how to use complex and expensive design programs. With a user-friendly grid and toolbar of design options, Froont is the best way to create a website design in your browser.

Froont is especially useful for designing multiple sites for mobile devices and tablets. You can preview various website layouts for each viewing platform—a must for websites today since the mobile web is rapidly growing and may soon account for half of page views for many websites. You can also share and collaborate on your business website design by sharing your prototypes with others.

Best yet, Froont is a freemium product that offers a free trial level that lets you test it out and get started on your designs before you invest in the site.


Drag and Drop Website Design at

WordPress remains a more traditional content management system for website design rather than a traditional drag and drop tool. However, if you need to get a website up and running in no time, you can easily set up a template, customize the header, and then rearrange the footer and sidebar with the drag and drop functionality on the back end of

With a series of useful sidebar and footer widget options, WordPress also allows users to create custom text boxes with their own code, upload images to an “image only” text box, or integrate their various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.  As projects change, WordPress makes it easy to drag and drop the content of sidebars and footers to meet your current needs.


Use MailChimp for Drag and Drop RSS Email Design

One of the best improvements to MailChimp over the years has been its improved email template builder. You can start with a basic lay out or design for your emails and then make changes to the lay out by simply dragging and dropping different elements into your email template.

This means you can add text boxes, video boxes, narrow columns with images, or Call to Action boxes. You can create high quality newsletters or RSS email campaigns in a matter of minutes or invest more time in customizing each aspect of your email campaign.

You can’t ignore the importance of using emails to drive visitors to your website, and MailChimp makes that especially easy with all of its drag and drop tools. If you write blog posts for your business website, be sure to check out the RSS campaign option. It may take some trial and error to get the design just right, but once you’ve set it up, you can leave it and get to work.


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